Tasting Panel World of Flavors

Tasting Panel World of Flavors

Our tasting panel includes four sommeliers certified by the best Venezuelan academies; they have a vast experience in organoleptic analysis of different products. Regarding cocoa liquor tasting, they have received training in cocoa sensorial analysis by Gladys Ramos, an engineer and specialist in cacao. Likewise, they are being trained in body analysis in cocoa liquor and flavor wheel by the engineer Alexis Zambrano, who has striven to provide the best tools to keep this group coordinated in each tasting session.

Alexis Zambrano is a chemist, he holds a master’s degree in soil science and a Ph.D. in microorganism biotechnology.

Dr. Zambrano is currently a professor in Los Andes University. He has worked on different cacao research papers published in Venezuelan and international scientific journals and magazines.

He has attended countless national and international conferences about cacao and cocoa liquor sensorial profiles. Besides, he has been awarded as researcher by the Venezuelan Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry.

At Intercacao, Dr. Zambrano has trained our world of flavors panel, regarding body analysis in cocoa liquor and flavor wheel.

Alexis Hernandez: «…I had never been part of a cocoa liquor tasting before. When I was called for the activity, it caught my attention and I immediately accepted the challenge. Appreciating cocoa liquor means to love this land of grace where men’s hands turn a cacao pod into the best product of the world…»

Gabriela Meza Trocel: «…Being part of this professional panel has prepared me to develop my knowledge in this very special product: Venezuelan cacao. I’m very proud this “food of the Gods” that grows in our country is well-known worldwide…»

Iliana Pico: «…This task is a laudable responsibility. We have to perceive in each tasting session the specific attributes and emblematic characteristics of each cacao region of this country…»

Judith Escobar: «…Tasting cocoa liquor is an enriching experience. Each session is unique; I have to taste flavors, aromas and specific characteristics of our lovely Venezuelan cacao…»